If you are interested in pursuing a trip such as this click here for more information.
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Welcome to our site! Our site is about my dad and I, who are cruising around the the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean for two years.This site will keep you updated on our trip.

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The Adventure of a Lifetime!
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Click here to learn all about our trip!
RIGHT: Our boat at Walkers Cay, Abacos islands.
Total nautical miles logged: 7,468.2
RIGHT:A picture of our boat taken by my dad's friends, Tracy and Jane, on Lake Lanier.
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Most elements of this site are introduced by myself, the webmaster, although my dad, the site advisor, does deserve alot of credit.
Snorkeling first day at a nearby uninhabited island.
Site Advisor
Hope Town Harbor from the top of the lighthouse.
Sunset at Marsh Harbor, The Abacos
If you are interested in pursuing a trip such as this click here for more information.
          If you are considering a journey such as this there are several things that we have learned from our experiences that may be of help to you. First and foremost is that this has been a wonderful experience for us. We have seen many things, had many adventures, shared much time together and have had a trip that neither one of us will ever forget. Our lives are passing by at a seemingly increasing rate and whatever financial costs we incurred and compromises we had to make to go on this journey pale in comparison to what we have gained.
          Secondly, purchase a well found, sturdy boat and all of the safety equipment that may be needed in case of an emergency. In addition to the required safety equipment I would recommend a life raft, EPIRB, well equipped ditch bag, backup VHF radio, backup GPS, radar and a radar reflector. We also ran a jack line from bow to stern and both wore automatic inflatable vests which we clipped into the jack line when we found ourselves in rough conditions. Luckily we have not needed most of this equipment but we have heard many Maydays and reports of people in distress during our travels.
          And finally I would suggest that you get lots of education and take many marine related  books, manuals, tide and current guides, coast pilots and cruising guides with you. I was glad I had each and every one of them whether it was for fixing an air lock in my fuel system or calculating the best time to go through the East River in New York city so that we would not have to contend with the 5 knot current. And even though I have been sailing and boating since I was ten years old I have taken many courses to expand my knowledge. Both the class room and on water training I received at Windsong Sailing Academy have been invaluable in adding to my knowledge and skills, as well as boosting my confidence level. I have included a link to their website below for more information.